Prepare an LINE Official Account

This section will guide you through the basic settings required to open an official LINE account and link your LINE ID.

1. Create a LINE Official Account

Create an account from the LINE Official Account service page.
If you have previously created a LINE Official Account, proceed to 2. Start using Messaging API.

2. Start using Messaging API

Log in to the LINE Official Account Manager. Open "Messaging API" from "Settings" and click "Use Messaging API".

Enter the English description of the company in the "Provider Name" field. If there is no English notation, please enter the official company name and do not enter a store or brand name. If you are not a corporation but an individual operation, please enter either the store name, brand name or individual name.

For more information, please refer to LINE Developers|Creating a Provider.

When you have finished entering the information, click "Agree.

Enter the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use" and click "OK". The "Privacy Policy" must be completed.

When the Messaging API Channel information is displayed, you can start using it.

3. Create a new LINE login channel

3-1. Create a new LINE login channel

Log in to LINE Developers using the same account as the LINE Official Account Manager. Select a provider and click "Create a new channel".

Click on "LINE login.

Company or owner's country or region

After entering the information, check the "LINE Developer Agreement" and click "Create".

When the Basic settings are displayed, the creation of the LINE Login channel is complete.

3-2. View options for adding friends

To make the Add Friend checkbox appear when a user logs into LINE Login, open the "Basic Settings" of the LINE Login channel and click "Edit" under "Linked OA".

Select the official LINE account connected to the provider and click "Update".

3-3. Email address permission Apply *Skip OK

*This setting is only required if you are using the LINE Login feature with Shopify Plus.
If you do not use this service, skip this chapter and go to 3-4. Publish LINE login channel.

Publish LINE Login Channel Open the "Channel Basic Settings" of the LINE Login channel and click "Application" under "OpenID Connect".
This application is required to obtain the email addresses of users who have logged in using LINE Login.

Fill in the required fields and click "Submit. For the screenshot, please upload a "screen shot" such as the membership registration screen that clearly indicates to the user the purpose of obtaining/using the e-mail address. (See example)

E-mail addresses can be obtained immediately after application.

3-4. Publish LINE login channel

Make the LINE Login channel public so that users can use LINE ID integration. First, click on "Developing".

When the confirmation screen appears, review the contents and click "Publish.

When the message "Published" is displayed, publication is complete. That's all you need to do to set up your official LINE account for LINE ID linking!

The following settings can be found here

4. Introducing measures you can take with Shopify

By integrating Shopify and LINE, you can easily introduce CRM measures such as message delivery based on customer information and purchase history.

4-1. Abandoned Checkout Message

Send a reminder message to users who have put a product in their cart but forgot to purchase it, asking them if they have forgotten to buy it. to users who have forgotten to purchase a product after adding it to their cart.

View Feature Guide(Japanese)

4-2. Segment delivery based on customer and purchase data

You can also use the Shopify Flow app to automate delivery triggered by specific conditions, such as "when a favorite item is restocked".

View Feature Guide(Japanese)

For other measures, please refer to the Shopify App "CRM PLUS on LINE" Feature Guide.

We can also offer suggestions on how to design and operate in combination with other Shopify apps.

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If you're looking to leverage Shopify and LINE integration, leave it to us!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about CRM PLUS on LINE.